Frequently asked questions

For Job Seekers
What kind of company attends this event?
What should I do to prepare for the Hiyamee event?
Can I get more than 5 minutes per company in the hiring event?
What do I talk about during the interview?

When you are only limited to 5 minutes to explain why you are the perfect fit for the employer’s company, you have to selectively present the best in you. We believe that only when you have limited time, do you present the best in you. Some tips include: Don’t complain about your current situation/employer. You only have 240 seconds after exchanging pleasantries. Don’t WASTE it!

For Employers

What kind of candidates attend this event?
What should I do to prepare for the HIYAMEE event as an employer?
What can I do to make the speed hiring event more successful?
Can Headhunters attend the Hiring event?

Hiyamee strongly rejects all headhunters from attending our hiring event. We aim to connect employers with the right job seeker. We despise Black Hat Recruiters who are giving recruiters worldwide a bad name, We do not engage in bad practices such as posting misleading job description, bait and switch job descriptions, cold calling low level employees and etc.