Event Date

Apr 25, 2024

Event Time

10:00 AM Onwards

Accenture Aerospace Dynamics

Are you passionate about Oracle and ready to take your career to new heights? Join our exclusive webinar to unlock new possibilities, discover the future of Oracle and your career with Accenture.

Accenture and Oracle have been partnering for over 30 years, delivering powerful solutions that address the biggest challenges and opportunities for organizations worldwide. With a global network of 61,000+ Oracle-skilled professionals and 11,700+ cloud-certified implementation specialists, Accenture is a leader in implementing Oracle Cloud projects across various industries and functions.

During this insightful webinar, you will:

  1. Gain Expert Insights:
    • Learn from senior leaders about the latest trends and in-demand skills in the Oracle ecosystem.
    • Discover how Oracle can shape your future career at Accenture.
  2. Explore Exciting Career Paths:
    • Uncover diverse and fulfilling roles where your Oracle expertise can shine.
    • Get inspired by success stories of professionals who have thrived in the Oracle domain.
  3. Engage in an Ask-Me-Anything Session.

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