Event Date

May 17, 2024

Event Time

10:00 AM Onwards

Join us on a Transformation Journey in the World of Software Defined Vehicles!

Today, the term “Software Defined Vehicle” represents more than just a technological advancement—it symbolizes the evolution of automotive users. Accenture Industry X team embraces this shift from a “hardware-first” to a “software-first” mindset, which is driven by the changing expectations of consumers who desire a truly immersive and connected experience with their vehicles.

Accenture’s collaboration with OEMs in key areas such as software integration, cloud backend, vehicle operating system, remote vehicle updates (OTA), and E/E architecture has allowed them to develop the perfect formula for success in catering to this evolving mindset and related technologies. With the team of embedded software engineers and architects, Accenture is at the forefront of new technologies, supporting SDV domains like GenAI led Edge, Digital Loop, NextGen Architecture, Modern Engineering, High Performance Computing and ECU virtualization.

The team at Accenture uses standards such as Autosar, Sofee etc.., new software architecture and methodologies and vehicle simulation, which helps guide their activities and roadmap to achieving software-defined vehicles.

Are you ready to take the driver’s seat and steer in the right direction?

Accenture’s goal is to enable the development of comprehensive platforms that enhance consumer mobility while addressing critical safety and performance concerns. Exciting times lie ahead, and we invite you to be part of this transformation journey as they architect a bright future.

Join us at this special event to learn more about the software-defined vehicle revolution and how you can contribute to shaping the future of industry and your career with Accenture.

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